How to clear a stuck print job in windows XP and Vista.

Have you ever had the annoying problem of a print job that will not print? You then decide to delete the print job only to find that it will not delete?
Well the good news is that it’s not difficult to fix the on…..

How to Disable Data Excecution Prevention DEP Completley on Windows XP

Sometimes you just need to do things that you know you really shouldn’t, and here is one of those things.
I would much rather try to resolve the problem than disable DEP, or at least until the problem has been resolved.

How to Disable Autorun in Windows XP

There are times when its a good idea to have the Autorun function in Windows disabled, it could be because you find it annoying or you may be using CD’s that have been given to you and are not yet scanned for virus or malwere.

How to move Outlook PST files to a new location.

This article will guide you on how to move a Microsoft Outlook PST file to a new location. Most time this will not be necessary but it is a good idea to have the PST file moved to a different drive or partition for easier backup or for space reasons.