How to Disable Autorun in Windows XP

How to disable autorun in Windows XP

There are times when its a good idea to have the Autorun function in Windows disabled, it could be because you find it annoying or you may be using CD’s that have been given to you and are not yet scanned for virus or malwere. You might also come across CD’s from recording companies which use copy protection from SunnComm called MediaMax which apparently forces the user to install software on their computer to listen to the music and restrict what you can do, for instance, you can’t make MP3′s from the disk.

There are a few methods to disable the AutoRun, this one involves modifying the registry. Later I will add the other methods but hey are simple to find on the web if this seems a little to difficult.

Please follow this method very carefully and make a backup of your registry before you begin. Editing the registry can get you in all sorts of trouble, You have been warned!!

Do not use quotation “” marks as shown, they are for clarity only.

1.) Click “Start”.

2.) Select and click “Run”.

3.) In the dialog box type“regedit”. Then click “OK”.

Disable Auto Run 2

You will notice the registry is very similar to Windows Explorer, and operates in the same way. Clicking the “+” next to a folder will expand that subtree and you will see folders inside.

4.) Expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” then “SYSTEM” then“CurrentControlSet then “Services” now scroll down until you find“CDrom” and open it. On the right hand side you will see the name“AutoRun” you will also notice it has a value in the Data field of “1″, you will need to change this Data value to “0″ (zero).

Disable Auto Run 3

5.) Right hand click on the name “AutoRun”, from the menu select“Modify” and left click to open.

Disable Autorun 4

6.) In the Value data box change the “1″ to a “0″ (zero).

Disable Autorun 5

7.) This is what it should now look like, the Value data should be a“0″ and nothing else should have been changed. when you are satisfied, click “OK”.

Disable Autorun 6

8.) To close the registry just go to the top menu and select “File”, then select “Exit” to close it down. Reboot your computer and now your AutoRun should be disabled.

To enable the AutoRun, just follow all the steps again and replace the “0″ with a “1″ and you will have the AutoRun feature again.

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